Audio Bible Meditations: Scriptures Dealing With Worry, Fear, Stress, And Anxiety
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An encouraging audio presentation for people who are dealing with worry, fear, stress, and anxiety. Features various scriptures from the Bible dealing with the subject.

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Bible Scriptures

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31 thoughts on “Bible Scriptures

  1. I am twelve years old is it kind of odd I’m listening to this I can’t tell?
    but I believe in him

  2. Trying to cope as best I can with crippling anxiety at the moment.
    I’ve not been overly faithful in my adult life, but this video helps more
    than you’ll know, thank you!

  3. Thank you Jesus for this video. I am healed from anxiety and fear… I have
    no anxiety or fear. God gave me power and a sound mind. He is amazing.. I
    shall not die but I shall live to declare God’s word

  4. I’m read…& share.every your Gospel to me.thank’s For
    your.medeation.God Blessed & More Power!!!pls Contenuing send your Message
    of GOD.

  5. Thank you so much. I felt like I was drifting away from God, so I started
    to read some Bible verses that really touched me. When I was in my bed, I
    was listening to this and my heart started beating fast like I was nervous
    but I was happy and excited because I kept thinking of Jesus. I then went
    and shared it with my Grandmother and she said it was beautiful. Thank you
    so much, because by just listening to this, I can get closer to God. Thank
    you !

  6. The ways of God are the choices He makes concerning us. His ways are higher
    than our ways (Isa.55:9). He has His own ordinations, and there is no room
    for our choice. The ways of God imply that God acts according to His desire
    and choice. After becoming Christians, we must learn to know the will of
    God and the work of God on the one hand, and we must learn to know the ways
    of God, the methods by which He deals with us on the other hand. If we only
    will learn to acknowledge the Lord in all our paths as in Proverbs 3:6, we
    will be acknowledging God in His ways. A great trouble today among God’s
    children is that we want everything to revolve around us and everything to
    serve our interests. But God will not allow this. He wants to bring us to
    the point of simply submitting to Him. When this matter is settled, all
    other problems vanish.
    God’s holy Word shows us that we must know God and we must know His ways.
    God Himself can only be known by revelation, and God’s ways can only be
    known through submission. We know God Himself through His revelation, and
    we know the ways of God by being willing to be dealt with and by submitting
    to Him. Many people balk at the fact that, without an unveiling of God to
    man, we cannot accept God’s ways. We must first have revelation before we
    can accept God’s ways.

  7. I have made mistakes in the past, I ask for forgiveness. my heart is pure
    and I love you all. I love you God. I love you Jesus. I love you holy
    spirit. Amen

  8. They say Faith without works is dead. What does that mean. What’s the point
    of Faith then when works is what you need.

  9. feeling so down right now to the point of not being able to function. it is
    very difficult being a spiritual follower knowing that there are others out
    in the world who would want to see your demise because they fail to see or
    know what you see and know. even sometimes other spiritual followers can be
    hurtful and harmful as well. ones who will turn on each other for the sake
    of the same god. it is very difficult to know what to do, because on one
    hand i would like to obtain nice things, and on the other hand i feel i
    should give them all up for the sake of god. is there a middle way? where i
    can obtain and enjoy without attatchment, but neither rejecting anything
    good as well? a life of moderate living without shame or guilt, where i
    know in my heart that im still following gods path, or the path god has for
    me, and still able to serve others along side myself, in my own life? i
    feel as though i had been for a while but now im just confused, frightened
    and not sure how to get back up, and on my own 2 feet.

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