Many people are searching for truth, but truth can be difficult to define.  There are an estimated 4,200 religions in the world broken down into three main categories – world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism … etc.), indigenous religions (specific to various indigenous tribes), and new religions (Eckankar, Scientology, Nation of Islam … etc.).  In addition to all of these beliefs we also frequently encounter the secularist views of atheism, agnosticism, deism … etc.  With so many religions and so many views of the nature of reality, how do you know where to start in your quest for the truth?

Why Christianity is designed to provide you with an understanding of different religions and cults, answers to questions that you may have regarding God and His Word, and to equip you to give an adequate response to those who challenge you on the faith that you have.

Why Christianity began in 2000, making it one of the oldest apologetics sites on the web.  In the fall of 2016 it came under new management, and the site is currently getting a facelift to update the content and make it more functional for today’s web users.

Christian Apologist Rod SaundersThe new owner is Rod Saunders.  Although his background is in IT, Rod has studied the Bible for over thirty years with a specific interest in apologetics.  While many bible apologists are dismissive of Charismatic theology and practices, Rod is able to draw from his experience in the Charismatic movement to present a balanced approach to many of the controversial subjects.  In addition to this site, Rod has several other websites including:

Rod Saunders – His personal website featuring his music.

English Audios – A website teaching English as a foreign language.

Jew and Greek – A Christian philosophy website.


From time to time material from Marcus Curtis will be published as well.  Marcus was raised Catholic and was born again in the United Pentecostal Church (UPC).  After years of bondage from guilt brought on by the legalism in UPC doctrine, Marcus set out to find the truth regarding salvation, righteousness, justification by faith … etc.  As a result Marcus discovered that we can’t be good enough to earn salvation, and he learned to live in the perfect law of liberty instead by following Jesus through His Word.  His extensive bible study brought him a certain amount of expertise in the areas of the history of the Bible and eschatology.  Marcus also has several websites, including:

Marcus Curtis Music – Marcus’ site for his music.

Biblical Views and World Economics – A blog featuring his views on theology and economics.

Iraq Currency Watch – His first blog which he started in 2010 to educate people about the Iraqi dinar.